Private Wealth Management

"Set your minds on whatever is true...noble...praiseworthy."

  Philippians 4:8

Our Private Wealth Clients

Our clients are exceptional individuals who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields of work and in their contributions to the community. They are entrepreneurs, business owners, senior executives, credentialed professionals, and affluent families.

Not surprisingly, our clients have very clear priorities. They want to preserve their capital, grow their investments, and mitigate their taxes. They want to protect their assets from predatory lawsuits and creditors, manage property and casualty risk, and need guidance in navigating the legal complexities of the elements of advanced wealth management. They want expert advice and expect exceptional service. Our clients also desire to live an abundant life and deeply experience what it means to flourish authentically as a human being, as a member of a family, and as a member of society. They want to live lives of significance and empower that experience for their children and for future generations.

We manage wealth to those ends.







True wealth contemplates a state of being fully alive. It is never achieved alone and, whenever it is authentic, it is lightly held in humility, with a grateful heart and a generous spirit.
R. Randall Rainey