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Our Way of Proceeding

At Capital Management Advisors, we help our clients and their families discern what it means to flourish authentically and to live lives of significance. We also help them create the conditions for that experience to be more deeply realized now and by their children and descendants in the future. This family wealth narrative is unique to each person and family. We believe high-value comprehensive wealth management requires keen insight into this distinctive family story.

To understand this important story in depth, we use a values-based consultative approach that takes the form of a Socratic dialogue. Our wealth managers have mastered the Socratic art of how to ask open questions. We engage the wisdom, knowledge and experience of our clients and listen attentively with empathy to the considered responses of our clients. The questions we ask help them gain greater insight into the dynamic nature of the good life and help us design and manage their distinctive family wealth plan.

In our conversations with clients, for example, we examine the meaning of wealth and its higher purposes. We unearth their great desires and life goals. We thoroughly explore their financial circumstances, business interests, and specific needs. We seek insight into their most important relationships, their unique set of talents, gifts, and aspirations and those of their children as well. We also inquire about any challenges or difficulties they may be facing at home, in their extended family, or at work.

This way of proceeding helps our clients gain a deep appreciation for the dynamic quality and power of their unique family wealth narrative. It also gives us greater insight into how we can best help them be more successful on purpose. Finally, our process produces the clarity of thought that is essential to the formation of sound judgment and prudent decision-making and to taking action that is timely and effective.

The development of the Family Wealth Plan begins in our Discovery Meeting. If you want to explore the meaning of your wealth in relation to authentic human flourishing, we invite you to schedule an appointment. Click here to set up your Discovery Meeting.


We open the door for our clients to an entirely new understanding of wealth and its relation to the family.
R. Randall Rainey