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Our Investment Methodology

Our investment advice and portfolio designs are based upon the science of investing in the global capital markets and the application of Modern Portfolio Theory developed by highly-regarded Nobel-laureates. This style of investing is preferred by most institutional investors and trustees with fiduciary duties. We are long-term investors who intend to protect and grow our client’s capital. Because we are not market speculators, we do not try to time the market or use ad hoc stock selection.

As fiduciary investment professionals, we build broadly diversified global market portfolios using passively managed asset class mutual funds. In addition to our core equity and fixed income investments, we further manage portfolio risk by using a range of alternative investments that are not directly correlated to the equity markets.

We develop for each client a clearly written customized Investment Policy Statement and Investment Plan that are designed to realize their short-term, intermediate, and long-term investment objectives and financial goals. This plan is reviewed in every client meeting and adjustments are made as needed. In addition, when the time is right, our clients can use this detailed blueprint to educate the next generation in the art of intelligent and responsible investment.




We open the door for our clients to an entirely new understanding of wealth and its relation to the family.
R. Randall Rainey