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Our Philosophy of Wealth

We believe true wealth contemplates a state of being fully alive. It is the fruit of a deeply human experience of the good life, the experience of flourishing at every meaningful level of human existence: physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, familial, and civic.

Authentic wealth thus transcends accumulated capital, current investments, business interests or properties. And while it includes success in life, the human dimensions of wealth involve much more than mere achievement. Wealth that is truly human is deeply embedded in Godís creative power, providence and gifts, in grace and great relationships, in a life well-lived, in opportunities recognized and acted upon, and in the challenges, failures, and adversity that one has overcome. True wealth is never achieved alone and, whenever it is authentic, it is lightly held in humility, with a grateful heart and a generous spirit. And it is often manifested in a vibrant human life that finds its deepest meaning and joy in the service of God and neighbor.

Given our philosophy on the nature of wealth, we have an uncommon approach to wealth management and the art of creating a world-class client experience.





Understanding the true meaning of wealth is the doorway to a life well-lived and is foundational to our practice of wealth management.
From "The True Meaning of Wealth: Human Flourishing in the Christian Family", an unpublished manuscript by R. Randall Rainey.