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Capital Management Advisors LP is an uncommon private wealth management firm. We limit our practice to working only with clients for whom we believe we can make a significant difference. Our clients are successful entrepreneurs, business owners, senior executives, credentialed professionals, and affluent families. They are leaders who make a difference and who want to have a positive impact on everything they do.

We use a values-based consultative process which, like a Socratic dialogue, fully engages the wisdom, knowledge and experience of our clients. In our initial Discovery Meeting, we explore the meaning of wealth, its higher purposes, and the great desires, goals, and needs of a prospective client. We also discern whether and how we can best be of fiduciary service. If we decide to work together, this wealth narrative, which is unique to each person and family, will become the cornerstone of their comprehensive wealth management plan.

In our role as their Personal Chief Financial Officer, we keep our clients clearly focused on making smart investment and business decisions. We design their customized private wealth plan and coordinate the execution of all advanced planning elements therein by working with their allied professionals or through our network of credentialed specialists.



Understanding the true meaning of wealth is the doorway to a life well-lived and is foundational to our practice of wealth management.
From "The True Meaning of Wealth: Human Flourishing in the Christian Family", an unpublished manuscript by R. Randall Rainey.