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Dimensional Fund Advisors

As global investors in capital market returns, we believe that the key to long term investment success must focus on the dimensions of risk that are known to compensate investors. Success does not lie in attempting to time the market or pick individual securities but in understanding the nature of capital market returns and the professional use of specially designed asset classes that capture those risk dimensions in a broad global market allocation.

Since 1981 Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc. has led the industry in the design of asset class funds based upon compensated risk. We are proud to offer our clients access to this leader in the art of applied academic research in finance and capital market investing. With over $177 billion in assets under management, more than half of which are invested in international markets, Dimensional continues to provide low cost solutions modeled upon Nobel prize-winning academic research in the science of investing. The firm has offices in Austin, London, Santa Monica, Sydney, and Vancouver.







Understanding the true meaning of wealth is the doorway to a life well-lived and is foundational to our practice of wealth management.
From "The True Meaning of Wealth: Human Flourishing in the Christian Family", an unpublished manuscript by R. Randall Rainey.