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Within the context of a client's unique family wealth narrative, we provide comprehensive wealth management services in three key areas:

  • Investment Counsel
  • Advanced Planning
  • Relationship Management

Investment Counsel
As investment professionals, we help our clients make smart decisions about their investments and their business interests. With respect to the latter, our business consulting is enhanced through our professional network of experts in all relevant disciplines.

Our investment philosophy is based upon Modern Portfolio Theory and Nobel-prize winning scholarship in the science of investing in the capital markets. We always begin with the end in mind and set a course of recommended actions designed to realize the short-term, intermediate, and long-term financial objectives of our clients.

In accord with a written Investment Policy Statement and custom-tailored Investment Plan, we build global market portfolios that are broadly diversified by using specially designed asset class mutual funds. Our portfolios include equity, fixed income and a range of alternative investments. We rebalance our portfolios and make all necessary adjustments as needed.

Advanced Planning
Advanced planning has four key dimensions:

  • Wealth Enhancement seeks to preserve your capital and annual income through income tax-planning and retirement planning.
  • Wealth Protection is concerned with protecting your accumulated capital assets and property from creditors, litigants, and other financial predators.
  • Wealth Transfer is focused on the best practices available to transfer assets to heirs in the most tax-efficient, responsible and intelligent manner. Most importantly, our purpose here is to create the necessary conditions for human flourishing among your children and descendants.
  • Charitable Planning provides guidance to our clients on how best to discern the scope of their charitable gifts and how to maximize and measure the positive impact of their gifts. We are especially helpful to clients who have created or who plan to create a family foundation. We offer guidance on the formation, funding, and effective governance of these
    non-profit institutions.

Relationship Management
As relationship managers, our first priority is to deliver exceptional service to our clients. In our role as their Personal Chief Financial Officer, we facilitate and oversee the timely execution and periodic review of all advanced planning elements in each customized wealth plan. To that end, we work with our client’s CPA, tax attorney, estate planning attorney, or insurance expert, and, whenever needed, with our network of credentialed professionals to get the plan fully implemented.


We open the door for our clients to an entirely new understanding of wealth and its relation to the family.
R. Randall Rainey