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We serve as the Personal Chief Financial Officer for our clients and their families. That is our essential role. As wealth managers, we are fiduciaries engaged in an interdisciplinary service. In addition to providing investment advice and portfolio management, we oversee and coordinate the execution of all of the elements in your customized Family Wealth Plan. This work requires expertise in law, economics, finance, business, philosophy and family psychology. Our wealth managers and the network of credentialed professionals with whom we work collectively possess the experienced insight, expertise, and interpersonal skills needed to provide an exceptional wealth management experience for our clients and their families.

If our firm is the right fit for you and your family, and if we determine that we can have a significant impact in your lives, we look forward to a long and productive relationship of trust as your comprehensive wealth management professional. To schedule your Discovery Meeting, click here.





The gateway to peace of mind and financial well-being is through comprehensive wealth management.
R. Randall Rainey